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Word of the day: CLUE!

03 Mar


Organo Gold and the Coffee Industry

I heard a commercial on the radio this morning and indeed, Mcdonald’s Canada is giving away free small coffees for a limited time. My husband and I are both customers and distributors of Organo Gold coffee, so why would I take note of this promotion? It’s just another example of the power of the coffee industry.

When we were growing up, Mcdonald’s was represented by Ronald Mcdonald, a clown who waltzed around in a bright yellow and red outfit, and other goofy characters like the Hamburglar. The booths were plastic and uncomfortable, the walls were plastered with bright colors, and the atmosphere was perfect for appealing to a child who just wanted a happy meal and a toy.

Will our kids remember Mcdonald’s the same way? Not at all! They will describe the new cafe atmosphere with the warm fireplaces in some locations and the comfortable booths that invite people to stay and use the wi-fi. The browns and tans splashed on the wall along with the monitors displaying images of coffee beans and smooth coffee work their magic, planting the thought of coffee in the mind of each customer.

Would such a popular global chain change their entire image if coffee wasn’t going to profit them immensely? Of course not! They saw the appeal of coffee and the money to be made and ran with it… and people love it! They’re profiting greatly for seeing the potential of coffee … why not do the same?

~ Chelsea