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Retail -

Retail can be earned immediately upon receiving your product. This is simply the difference between what you purchase the product at for wholesale, and what you sell it for retail. This is your retail profit.

NOTE: All Organo Gold retail sales are required to have a receipt provided to the customer purchasing the product. This can be a hand written receipt.

Fast Start Bonus -

The Fast Start Bonus is one of the quickest ways to start earning commissions with Organo Gold. These are paid when you personally sponsor a distributor with one of the 3 Business Packs. For Bronze, you will receive $20. For Silver, $80 and Gold Pack will bring you a commission of $150.

Dual Team Commissions -

Dual Team pays when you match points on both of your legs, or sides. The dual team check is achieved when you match 300 dual team points on both of your legs. This is also commonly described as 300 CV on your lesser leg. This would imply you have at least 301 points on your other leg, since it is greater.

Unilevel Commissions -

Immediately upon signing up with Organo Gold, you can earn Unilevel Commissions on up to 3 levels deep. Your pay for each of these levels is 5%. As you progress in ranks, you can earn up to 9 levels of commission, ranging from 1% to 4%. See the Ranks section to view how your levels increase as you gain rank.

Unilevel Matching Bonus -

This is a bonus you earn on your representative's unilevel checks. So, for example, if you qualify for a 20% unilevel bonus on your first level, and collectively your first level earns $500 in unilevel pay, you will get an additional check of $100. You can earn these bonuses up to four levels deep.

Generational Bonus -

This is a bonus received on leaders you have helped progress in your team. Organo Gold will tap into the generational bonus once you develop a Sapphire or higher on your team. These are also known as leader positions. Organo Gold will pay you commissions up to four generations on a single leg, down to infinity. This means infinite number of legs, which also means an infinite number of generational bonuses are achievable. The number of generations you receive a commission on increases as your rank increases to Diamond Consultant.

Global Bonus Pool -

A true reward for the greatest leaders. This bonus is allocated in direct proportion to one’s contribution to the total Unilevel CV (determined by intervals of $1000). This encourages low volume participants to work with their sponsors and build their Organo Gold business thanks to the rewarding Global Bonus Pool payouts. This rewards High Volume Leaders to reach beyond their dreams and continue to building the company and their future.

Compensation || Ranks || Media || Wholesale || Legend

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