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Organo Gold Dual Team Commission Example

1 - You sign up with a Gold Pack *
2 - You sponsor Jim on your right leg with a Silver Pack (400 CV)
3 - You sponsor both Steve and Jessica on your left leg with Bronze Packs (150 CV + 150 CV = 300 CV)
4 - You now have 300 CV on your lesser leg (your left leg, 300 < 400), time for a payout!
5 - Since you signed up with a Gold Pack, you receive 20% of 300 points, or $60.00

* Signing up with a Gold Pack provides you 20% dual team payout as soon as you become a distributor. Silver Pack provides 15%, and Bronze credits you 10%.

Other Notes:
- Dual Team generates a commission when 300 CV is generated on your lesser leg
- Your Dual Team rate is determined by which Pack you sign up with, or your rank, whichever awards a higher payout
- Dual Team Checks are paid every week, and are combined with your Fast Start Bonus check

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