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Gourmet Black Coffee

30 Sachets

Gourmet Black Coffee

Gourmet Black Coffee
- 30 Sachets -

As the saying goes, the best part of waking up is... Organo Gold's gourmet black coffee in your cup!

Okay maybe that isn't how the saying goes, but are you willing to prove us wrong here at Healthy Coffee Brew? I dare you!

While this may be an instant coffee beverage, it is a GOURMET instant coffee beverage. The difference is in the taste. It is unfortunate many are turned away from an instant beverage because many just will not know how good it can get. It can't get much better than Organo Gold's gourmet black coffee (other than Organo Gold's very own King of Coffee of course).

Packed along side those delicious arabica beans is the key ingredient to this coffee, the Ganoderma. Ganoderma Lucidum is known as the 'king of herbs' in Asian cultures, and there is little to wonder why. The list of health benefits is phenominal, the testimonials neverending, all while remaining a tasteless and odorless ingredient. Who knew making a healthy switch could be so easy? Order your cup today!

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