Ganoderma Coffee Products

Organo Gold Gourmet Latte
20 Sachets

Gourmet Latte

Gourmet Latte Coffee
- 20 Sachets -

Mmmmm, cream and sugar.

At least that is the first thing we think here at Healthy Coffee Brew when we hear the word "latte". Makes sense when that is what a latte contains! That and coffee, of course. Not just any coffee, we might add.

Organo Gold is known for its' line of gourmet products, from coffee, to mocha, to hot chocolate, to even green tea!. Is it of any surprise to hear they have an excellent latte as well?

The real problem with trying to explain, in words, how good of a latte Organo Gold came up with is well... words. We here at Healthy Coffee Brew can't describe to you the sweet taste of this latte as the taste can only be had by trying. Mix in that delicious taste with the number one king of herbs, Ganoderma, and you have yourself one amazing cup.

Go ahead an order your very own cup today. You know you want to.

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