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Organo Gold Grapeseed Capsules
30 Capsules

Grapeseed Capsules

Grapeseed Capsules
- 30 Capsules -

When we say "Grapeseed Capsules", in reality what you're receiving is a Grapeseed Oil Extract. With all this Ganoderma flying around, it may be of some wonder why we would include such a product.

These Grapeseed Capsules from Organo Gold contain essential fatty acids on top of antioxidants which are great for the body. It also contains phyto-chemicals and resvaratol, which are known for anti-inflammatory properties. Resveratol when taken in high amounts can significantly lower blood sugar levels. Toss in the fact it is over 50 times stronger than Vitamin E and C as far as antioxidants, and it becomes a pretty strong side-kick.

Ultimately we provide this product to help increase the amount of Ganderma your body absorbs. The anti-inflamatory properties of this extract really helps your body to take in the herb it needs. The combination of the Grapeseed Oil and the Ganoderma provided in our products really is a powerful way to bring your body back into balance. Order your bottle today!

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