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Organo Gold King of Coffee
25 Sachets

King of Coffee

King of Coffee
- 25 Sachets -

The King of Coffee has arrived. Containing 100% certified organic ganoderma spores, the King of Coffee has no rival on the market. Along with the certified ganoderma spores, the coffee itself is organic.

What is "organic" coffee you might ask? (And what have I BEEN drinking????)

Organic coffee simply means there were no pesticides used while growing the coffee. Today, most foods we eat have pesticides used on them to avoid damaged crops and to try and preserve high quality in the produce. When something is grown to be organic, they are grown in an environment where the insects are controlled, thus not being able to produce the product in such high volumes. Additionally, shipping and handling of the product is a little bit more intensive. The result? A higher quality all natural product that generally costs more than a "regular" version.

Why the "King" in this King of Coffee from Organo Gold?

Simple! What happens when you combine 100% organic coffee, resulting in the highest quality of that coffee bean, and combine it with the highest quality certified organic ganoderma spores? You are taking 2 of the highest quality ingredients available and producing a healthy coffee that can't be beat. Some might call that a king!

Go ahead and spoil yourself. Order your box or samples today!

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