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Organo Gold Mycelium Capsules
90 Capsules

Mycelium Capsules

Mycelium Capsules
- 90 Capsules -

Organo Gold's Mycelium is frequently misunderstood. Is it a brand name? Is it different from Ganoderma? Does it clean my laundry?

No. Mycelium is actually a stage of Ganoderma. In fact, it is the earliest stages of Ganoderma during which certain properties of the Ganoderma can only be obtained during this window.

The effects obtained from harvesting the Ganoderma in this stage are mainly on the human brain. And in addition to this it works well with the immune system to keep it in balance with its' natural state.

In the grand scheme of things, humans have nothing more powerful than their immune system to fight off colds and illnesses. Keeping it in excellent shape should be a priority for those interested in leading a long healthy life.

Why not use an all natural herb to help your immune system along? Get your bottle of Organo Gold Mycelium Capsules today!

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