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Premium Beauty Soap

3 Beauty Bars

Premium Beauty Soap

Premium Beauty Soap
- 3 Beauty Bars -

Simply put, this is a premium beauty soap that contains Ganoderma. If you want think about this for a second, go ahead and google ganoderma. We've even made the link available for you as it is important to prove this to yourself.

Alternatively, if you would like to take a small excerpt from the wiki page, it states the following:

"The name Ganoderma is derived from the Greek ganos/γανος "brightness, sheen", hence "shining" and derma/δερμα "skin""

Ganoderma can literally be translated "shining skin". Who WOULDN'T want this in their beauty product of any sort? Skin is well known as being the largest organ the body contains. Anything applied to your skin can be considered to have the same affect as if you swallowed it, imagine that. Why trust your skin to chemicals and advertising when you can apply nature's best, the king of herbs: Ganoderma Lucidum.

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