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Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Jamaica Blue Mountain

Royal Brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain with Organic Ganoderma Spores
- 10 Brew Filters -
$59 $49!

Organo Gold does it AGAIN!

This time, Organo Gold Coffee products can't even be matched. Royal Brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the most sought after coffees in the world! Prior to Organo Gold, Jamaica rejected coffee company after coffee company to sell in Jamaica. It may or may not be a well known fact - but Royal Brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain was the only coffee alowed to be sold in Jamaica prior to Organo Gold!

Don't believe us? I don't blame you. But just check out the wiki page.

It truly is a sought after coffee. And now, the one and only Royal Brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee has paired with Organo Gold to provide the only brewed coffee with Ganoderma on the market!

Not only is it Ganoderma, mind you, it is ganoderma spores, the strongest form of the Ganoderma herb available.

So while you're relaxing, kicking back drinking one of the most sought after coffee beans in the world, you may have to try hard to realize that a phenominal range of health benefits are included with this brew. Thank you, Organo Gold.

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