Ganoderma Coffee Products

Organo Gold's Silver Pack

Why Silver Pack?

Organo Gold's Silver pack is a great "medium" entry kit. This is the kind of pack where you have a bit to consume and a bit to sample, but you do receive some nice commission increase. This pack increases your Dual Team Payout to 15%, and a nice 10% on your first level of Unilevel Matching Bonus.

Points Associated with Silver Pack

- 400 CV
- 500 QV
- $80 Fast Start Bonus

NOTE: All CV from packs are designated to Dual Team Points.

Silver Pack - Product Included

- 4 Gourmet Black Coffee
- 4 Gourmet Latte
- 4 Gourmet Mocha
- 2 Organic Green Tea
- 1 Gourmet Hot Chocolate
- 1 Ganoderma Capsules
- 1 Mycelium Capsules
- 1 Ganoderma Spore Capsules
- 1 Grapeseed Capsules
- 1 Beauty Soap Sample Pack

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